Under Armour outdoor clothing market also has ambitions
The boss always wanted to do sports brand Under Armour announced its entry into wearable art not only for outdoor clothing market there are no small ambition to become a leader in this field. It will be more successful than other companies? This has a striking "UA" logo of the brand has access to some unexpected areas, it not only has Tom Brady, Stephen Curry such a big player, recently signed a cross-country running champion Kyle Dietz skiers and John Jackson. Additionally, Under Armour also with nine ski resorts signed a contract to provide tooling for these ski jackets employees.under armor t shirt In the just-concluded Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Under Armour third carry its debut this winter equipment in North America's largest outdoor exhibition, even the title sponsor of the Matchstick Productions film about ski videos in the movie timely the launch of its latest season ski clothes series. In other words, Under Armour, this market value of nearly $ 20 billion company had not a pure sporting goods business, it is aimed at an outdoor market in the core consumer groups. Of course, sports goods giant tried to enter the market and more than Under Armour, early in 1989, Nike launched its ACG outdoor series, 2011, adidas also has having a mountain property Terrex series, but cut into the outdoor market from ski jackets sporting goods supplier Under Armour really is the first.

The Under Armour is just from the field to capture their outdoor consumers. "You're sporting goods store or department store and not see a lot of our outdoor products," Steve Metcalf, Under Armour outdoor apparel marketing director said so, Under Armour outdoor clothing, although athletes tend to consume, but I hope in some other areas the difference. With Nike and other fabrics with their patent into the outdoor market is different is, Under Armour chose to cooperate with the Gore-Tex and other well-known Polartec fabric suppliers, and paying people to dig. Helly Hansen and worked in the North Face as a designer for many years, said Kurt Gray, UA has hired more than the leader in the industry to build it along the line of outdoor products, including those from Arc'teryx, Mountain Hardwear and Patagonia, etc. top outdoor brands, a senior designer under armour shirts on sale.

under armour baby bedding Electronic business development, this also means that, like Under Armour financially strong companies can be more keen to capture market demand. Metcalf said, "Now market research much easier than a decade ago, we almost real-time testing of products such as styles, colors and designs." Rich channels, for Under Armour open-air market in terms of the greatest challenge may from consumer acceptance of its product reliability. The core consumer market may prefer to be like this has Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia company, Chouinard life outdoors spent a lot of time, and the founder of Under Armour's Kevin Plank is good at football. "Living in Manhattan may just need a black jacket, and for those who have to go skiing every weekend of the people, that is how the reliability of equipment is the key." Metcalf Under Armour think people will successfully resolve its outdoor All questions about the product. 2016, outdoor products development center moved to Baltimore from the current outdoor brands collectively - Portland; in March, the brand will launch a new cross-country running shoes takes series. "We rely on innovation and reliability have earned us the current location of each product in the field, the same is true for the outdoor market." Metcalf said.

under armour baby boy clearance Chip Wilson Bloomberg television interview, pointed out that the market value three years ago Lululemon Athletica Inc. is twice Dema, which is now more than twice the market value, in turn, Lululemon Athletica Inc., "some people reflect on the reflection ", Chip Wilson says cryptically. In 1998 co-founded Lululemon Athletica Inc.'s Chip Wilson 2012 years to have quit the daily management of the Group. Lululemon Athletica Inc. due to the negligence of the rapid expansion of product quality checks, Lululemon Athletica Inc.Whether financial or reputation have suffered huge losses of Lululemon Athletica Inc. tumbled, management turmoil, Chip Wilson therefore unhappy with the board of directors, even once sought to recruit private equity partners privatization group. But Chip Wilson is the ability to own a subject, by the end of 2013 because he made a sexist and inappropriate remarks resigned non-executive duties independent of the President. In August 2014, accompanied by a $ 845 million transaction price will be 13.85% of Lululemon Athletica Inc. shares sold to private equity fund Advent International after, Chip Wilson thinking about quitting. In February this year, Chip Wilson announced its withdrawal from the Group Board.

under armor outlet store After the recall of the door Lululemon Athletica Inc. by enhancing the quality and international expansion of recovery, but the face of fierce market competition, sales growth slowed to enter the end of this year because the inventory surge forced markdowns, serious damage to margins. No fashion Chinese network data in Lululemon Athletica Inc. tumbled 12.1% to $ 53.153 million in the third quarter ended November 1 net profit, earnings per share of $ 0.35 after adjustment nor market expectations of $ 0.37. Lululemon Athletica Inc. on Tuesday closed up 3.08 percent at $ 49.26, has fallen 35 percent since the end of 2012, the market value fell to $ 6.62 billion. In contrast Under Armour Inc. recorded a cumulative increase of 232 percent, Tuesday to close at $ 81.52, market capitalization of $ 17.95 billion. Dema sports fashion by category and by virtue of the expansion of the market has become the second largest sports brand, Adidas beyond, and the Group's acquisition and development in the field of wearable same attention by the industry in the beginning of the annual conference, Andrew Ma said it would continue to invest heavily in the $ 560 million science and technology industry, including $ 475 million for the acquisition of MyFitnessPal, another $ 85 million acquisition of the Danish company Endomondo, MyFitnessPal and Endomondo sports are sports records and community applications, coupled with the company now has the UA Record application and MapMyFitness community website, Dema sports brand has become among the largest investment community sports brand, has 120 million active users.